• Our Mission

    Making recycling easy for all South Africans.

    Please Note: We are currently Piloting the platform in Johannesburg only


    We Connect

    We connect street waste collectors with households, restaurant, and firms with disposable waste.

    We Equip

    We equip all our collectors with necessary waste management and hygiene skills, and we offer them convenient collection transportation.

    We enable

    We enable everyone with a smart phone to recycle by just requesting a collector, and we incentivize them for it.

    We collaborate

    We work with local and national governments, firms and organisation who share a similar vision.

  • The Process

    Getting our services is as easy as getting an Uber.

    Step 1

    Sign Up

    The first step is filling a sign up form, asking your details.

    Step 2

    Share with us your location and Select the service you require

    Let us know where you stay and select if you want us to collect wet, dry or food waste.

    Step 3

    ​Receive incentives

    The waste collected will be weight with an electronic scale so to help us know the value of the waste. The waste collected will increase individual points which can be redeemed for grocery vouchers at the end of the month.

  • Request a waste collector using your phone, impact a life and make money each time we collect your waste.


    Please note we are piloting the platform only in Johannesburg for now..